About 2020VISION

In a nutshell, 2020VISION is a nature photography project that aims to communicate the link between habitat restoration and our own well being.

For the first time, 20 of the UK’s top nature and wildlife photographers, along with filmmakers and sound recordists, have come together to tell an inspirational story about some of the UK’s ecosystems and the services they provide to us all, such as clean water, fresh air and productive soils.

2020VISION identified a number of flagship projects up and down the country, that are currently restoring, reconnecting, or at the very least protecting, damaged habitats or species. Over a 20-month period, the 2020VISION team carried out 20 iWitness assignments at these locations, producing a set of stunning pictures, along with supporting video footage and sound.

The thousands of images and hours of film generated from these assignments have been woven into compelling narratives and presented in innovative ways, such as the stunning 2020VISION Roadshow, a multi-city event that will reach far beyond ‘the converted’.

2020VISION will inspire people of all ages and backgrounds and establish that link between healthy nature and healthy people.

What makes 2020VISION different?

For too long, conservation has been communicated using technical jargon, inaccessible to all but a minority audience. The time has come for fresh thinking; 2020VISION speaks a new sort of language - one that recognizes that people’s relationship with nature is not scientific but emotional; one that motivates a wide audience by connecting with their value systems.

By bringing nature photographers and film makers together with the scientific and conservation community, we can create an unprecedented set of communication resources that would simply not be possible in isolation.  Using the power of visual imagery - unique in its ability to communicate on an emotional level - 2020VISION will inspire and inform a massive audience.

Who’s behind 2020VISION?

In the longer term 'the vision' is one for society as a whole, but for now, 2020VISION is spearheaded by the Wild Media Foundation, a social enterprise company working to bring nature's stories to life.

Meet the 2020VISION management team.