Guest Photographers

As the 2020VISION juggernaut gathers more momentum, so we are gathering more talent from the world of nature photography, conservation and the media and I'm sure there willl be lots more to come. Our guest contributors will be helping out in all sorts of ways including photography, filming, writing and generally promoting the project as '2020VISION ambassadors'. Welcome all - we are delighted to have you on board.

Richard Steel

"I was delighted to have been asked to be involved with the exciting 2020VISION project, which I hope will help to generate an increased appreciation of the variety and importance of UK wild habitats."

Nick Upton

Nick has been directing award-winning wildlife films for over 20 years and also expresses his passion for nature through stills photography.  He has a special interest in small, often unloved creatures and is also working on the crane re-introduction story.

Charlie Hamilton James

"Photography is my great passion that has grown over the years as a way of channeling my obsession with kingfishers and otters. I also work as a wildlife cameraman for the BBC Natural History Unit."

John MacPherson

John has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. He describes his work as 'photography about people and with people' and with 'a strong use of light and composition'.

Toby Roxburgh

"I am very excited to help develop the “Ocean to Plate” initiative which aims to highlight the incredible diversity of food provided to us by the UK’s seas and coasts."

Dale Sutton

"I am extremely proud to be working with 2020VISION not only to share my experience and knowledge of particular animals in their habitat, but also to provide pictorial evidence to further highlight conservation issues to the wider public."