2020VISION Phototeam

Our team of award-winning nature and wildlife photographers are responsible for some of the most spectacular nature imagery being produced today. As well as their outstanding visual artistry, they are also committed to using their images as valuable communication tools.

This is the first time that many of the UK's best nature photographers have come together to collaborate on a project of this scale. Take a look at their portfolios to see what we can expect from the 2020VISION Phototeam.

John Beatty

John has over 30 years experience as a nature and adventure photographer. "My work is chiefly concerned with those timeless rhythms of the natural environment and man’s place within it."

Niall Benvie

Niall has worked as a professional outdoor photographer and writer since 1993. His special interest is in the nature / culture dynamic. He has a passion for using photography to introduce people to the natural world.

Peter Cairns

Peter is an award-winning nature photographer and writer with a deep fascination for our relationship with the natural world. In addition to documenting Europe's high profile wildlife species, he covers a range of topical conservation stories.

Joe Cornish

Joe is one of the UK"s premier landscape photographers. He says, "A trip to Alaska made me a hard-core wilderness advocate, and I am looking to dedicate the rest of my career to the preservation of the wild."

Guy Edwardes

Guy works as a professional nature and landscape photographer. "Creative photography, which shows threatened species and habitats in engaging ways stands a real chance of imprinting the issue into the mind of the viewer."

Fergus Gill

Fergus is arguably the UK's most talented young photographer having already won a host of national and international awards." I am truly passionate about the natural world and strive to capture this through my photography."

Lorne Gill

Lorne has been a professional environmental photographer for over twenty years; firstly with the Countryside Commission for Scotland and latterly with Scottish Natural Heritage.

Chris Gomersall

Chris works as a professional nature photographer with a keen interest in environmental issues. "Photography has the power to touch people emotionally; enabling them to see just what the environment does for them."

Danny Green

Danny is one of Britain's most dedicated nature photographers, producing images of outstanding quality. This is borne out by his multiple awards in all of the premier nature photography competitions in recent years.

Ben Hall

Ben works as a professional wildlife photogrpaher. "I find that my images communicate most powerfully with people when they discover that they were taken in their own National Parks and nature reserves."

Mark Hamblin

Mark has 15 years experience as a freelance nature and landscape photographer. "I especially enjoy working on longer term projects close to home, where I feel more in tune with the seasonal rhythms of the natural world."

Paul Harris

Paul has over 25 years experience as a professional photographer.  "Despite many years of rock climbing and exploring in the British Isles, I am excited at the prospect of gaining a deeper knowledge of this island nation."

Ross Hoddinott

Ross lives in the South West of England and works as a nature photographer almost exclusively in that area. "My fascination for all things ‘wild’ grew the moment my parents moved to rural north Cornwall when I was 7 years old."

Rob Jordan

Rob works as a freelance nature photographer concentrating on long-term projects in his native Northumberland, including Black-necked grebes, which helped to double the UK population of this rare nesting bird.

Alex Mustard

Alex is an award-winning underwater photographer with a keen eye on producing images that stand out from the crowd. Much of his photography is driven by his knowledge of marine wildlife and passion for the marine environment.

Andy Parkinson

Andy is a wildlife photographer and a passionate conservationist. By immersing himself in the lives of his subjects he feels better able to produce images that sensitively reflect the issues that affect them.

Linda Pitkin

Linda speciaiises in underwater photography. "I am passionate about underwater photography because of the amazing beauty and diversity of marine animals - with patience and care you can get nose to nose with a fish."

Andy Rouse

Andy is a larger than life character, who has done as much as anyone to promote wildlife photography through his books, talks and TV appearances. He has his own conservation fund, in partnership with Paramo Directional Clothing Systems.

David Tipling

David works as a professional wildlife photogrpaher with a special interest in birds. "My hope for 2020VISION is that it might have some part in firing interest in the young who may not have had the spark yet to ignite this interest."

Terry Whittaker

Terry is an environmental photographer with a background in zoos, wildlife conservation and research. "I am honoured be involved in 2020VISION, which places communication through images at the heart of ecosystem conservation."