The 2020VISION Roadshow

The stunning images, film and sound gathered by the 2020VISION team forms the basis of 2020VISION’s main output, a multi-city ‘roadshow‘ whose centre-piece is a street gallery exhibition accessible to millions of people nationwide, at locations throughout the UK between 2012 and 2015.  The exhibition is supported by a series of events including an outdoor audio-visual show and THE VISION! theatre show featuring several of the 2020VISION photographers.  Some venues have also chosen to host a launch event to kick the roadshow off in style and maximise media attention.

The Roadshow aims to increase the relevance of nature to a wide audience, communicating the value of repairing and reconnecting our natural habitats and encouraging people to actively engage with natural landscapes whether in the wilds of our mountain ranges or in a small pocket of wildness in our towns and cities.

What you told us!

“Congratulations on such an impressive piece of work...Visually and aurally stunning and all in the cause of such an important message.”

“I think this is an amazing project and I applaud and admire the people responsible for coming up with the idea. It's a brilliant way of reconnecting people to nature and to what needs to be conserved, protected and improved.”
Martina, Edinburgh

“Love the exhibition. Amazing photos & you've distilled the message about the importance of our natural spaces well. Thanks!”
Emma, London

“Thank you for a wonderful show on Saturday night. People were really buzzing afterwards and the powerful message about the importance of reconnecting with our natural environment came over very strongly. It was certainly a very successful format and I'm sure will be very well received everywhere you go.”
Stephen, Dorchester

“My wife and I visited the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh to see the 2020VISION exhibition. The message being conveyed by the exhibition is a powerful one and the images are excellent, with some truly stunning photography.”
John, Edinburgh