2020VISION Videographers

In addition to inspirational stills imagery, 2020VISION will produce exceptional videography by some of the UK's top independent film makers.

Andy Jackson

"The aquatic wildlife in the UK is just as remarkable and colourful as anything to be found overseas but it mostly goes unseen.  The project will help open the public's eyes and I am very excited about being part of that."

Raymond Besant

"People’s lives are so fast and busy now I think its easy to feel disconnected from our environment.  I think 2020v has a real chance to re-address the balance, I hope inspiring people to become reconnected with the natural world."

William Bolton

"Collaborating with the talent and experience of those involved with 2020VISION is extremely exciting. This is most obvious at a creative level, but more importantly in the way that the project will hopefully engage the wider public."

Ben Burville

Ben specialises in filming underwater wildlife and has worked with the BBC on a number of programs including Coast, Springwatch, Autumnwatch, The One Show, Inside Out, Countryfile, Live N'Deadly, CoutryTracks and others.