2020VISION Writers

The saying, 'Every picture tells a thousand words', may be true to a degree but the 'story' still needs telling and telling well and so we have drafted in some of the best in the business to wax lyrical about 2020VISION.

Claire Stares

Claire Stares is a writer and naturalist. Passionate about wildlife and wild places, she has a particular interest in human - animal interaction. Claire writes a regular column for The Guardian's Country Diary, and contributes to a number of other publications.

Lucy McRobert

Lucy is a passionate naturalist, keen nature writer and events coordinator, committed to encouraging, educating and engaging with a young generation of nature conservationists through her new project, A Focus On Nature.

Niall Benvie

Niall Benvie has published more than half a million words of articles (including four books) on topics ranging from ecotourism and travel as well as book reviews, interviews and features on photography.

David Lindo

David Lindo is The Urban Birder — writer, broadcaster, speaker and bird guide. His whole vibe is about getting urbanites to realise that there is a whole world of wildlife under their noses in the world's cities.

Kenny Taylor

Kenny Taylor is a writer, broadcaster, lecturer and musician based on the Black Isle, near Inverness. Keen on wildlife for as long as he can remember, he's been involved in many magazine, TV, radio and book projects across Europe and North America.